Mind-Blowing Earnings of Pro Pickleball Players – You Won’t Believe How Much!

Pickleball has become really popular lately, and as more people love the sport, pickleball players are making more money. Ever wondered how much a pickleball player can earn? Well, there are a few things that decide that. It’s not just about how good they are or how long they’ve been playing, but also how famous they are.

In this article, we’ll talk about the things that affect how much money pickleball players make. We’ll look at their prize money from tournaments and the deals they get from sponsors. If you want to be a pickleball player or if you’re just curious, this article will help you understand how pickleball players make money. Let’s start and learn the secrets of pickleball player salaries!


What is a “pro” pickleball player?

In pickleball, there are typically two main groups of “pro” players. The first group is called “touring pros,” and they are often paid extra money to participate in a specific number of tournaments, like the PPA touring pros. The second group competes in the “pro” division, which usually requires a certain skill rating and a higher entry fee. Playing in the pro division lets new and talented players compete against the best players and gives them a chance to win prize money for winning matches.

Pickleball Tournament Winnings

Many professional pickleball players make a good amount of money from winning tournaments. With the sport’s recent growth, there are more tournaments at the local, regional, and national levels. The prize money for these tournaments varies, and the top players can earn a lot just from winning.

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In 2022, the total prize money from the three major pickleball tours was $5 million. The PPA Tour gave out $3 million, the APP Tour had $1 million, and Major League Pickleball also had $1 million in prize money. In 2023, Major League Pickleball alone will pay out $5 million, which is a huge increase from the previous year. As more sponsors get involved in pickleball, we can expect prize money to keep increasing.

NML Pickleball recently published a list of the top 20 professional pickleball players’ prize money winnings in 2022. Ben Johns was at the top, earning over $115,000, which was more than anyone else. After the top three players, the winnings dropped significantly, with the 20th player on the list, Leigh Waters, earning $25,000. It’s a good amount, but there are many professional players who earn less than the top 20.

Pickleball Coaching, Camps, & Clinics

Many professional athletes also offer coaching and training sessions to earn more money, in addition to what they win in tournaments. These coaching sessions can vary in length from just one hour to several days, like Tyson McGuffin’s PB Camps, which cost about $320 per day per person. The cost usually depends on how famous the player is and how well they are doing in tournaments. With the growing number of players worldwide, there are many opportunities for professional athletes to make a living by coaching.

Endorsement Deals & Sponsorships

Pickleball players can make a lot of money from companies who want to support them. These companies can be those that make equipment, clothes, or even food and drinks. How much a player gets paid for these deals can be different, depending on the company and how popular the player is.

If a player has lots of followers on social media and many fans, they are more likely to get these deals. These deals can be about equipment, clothes, or even products like food and drinks. If a player has a good reputation and a good public image, they are more likely to get these deals. These deals can give players a lot of money, and sometimes, they can earn more from them than from winning tournaments.

Some top players get big money from companies that make paddles. They can also be in commercials for drinks and other things. But just like in any sport, for every top player making a lot of money from sponsorships, there are many more who don’t. These individual deals can range from a few thousand dollars for being in a commercial to multi-year paddle deals that can be worth millions.

Product Sales

Pickleball players can make money by selling things like clothes, gear, and accessories. If players are well-liked and have a good reputation, they can sell their stuff on their website, social media, or at tournaments. Having lots of fans and being well-liked helps them sell more.

How much money they make from selling things depends on how popular they are and how much people want their stuff. They can use social media to tell people about their stuff and sell more. Selling things can really boost how much money they make.

What about Major League Pickleball?

In 2021, a big pickleball league called Major League Pickleball started. They had a lot of money you could win and became really famous. They made a new group for really good players called “pro.” Now in 2023, they’re making two groups, one is the Pro League, and the other is the Challenger League. Both groups let pro players make money, but like in any pro sport, only the very best 96 players will get chosen in 2023.

Who are the highest paid pro pickleball players?

  • Ben Johns
  • Anna Leigh Waters
  • JW Johnson
  • Catherine Parenteau
  • Riley Newman
  • Collin Johns
  • Anna Bright

Future of Pickleball Player Salaries

Pickleball players’ salaries are getting better in the future. This is because the sport is growing fast, attracting more players, fans, and sponsors. With this growth, players can earn more money. Pickleball is becoming more professional, with players training harder.

A player’s salary depends on things like how well they do in tournaments, deals with companies, sponsorships, selling products, coaching, their online presence, their ranking, and how they perform. If a player works hard, has a good reputation, and is popular on social media, they can make a lot of money from pickleball. So, whether you want to be a pickleball player or just love the sport, the future looks promising.

To sum it up, how much money pro pickleball players make depends on different things. They can earn money from winning tournaments, coaching, getting paid for promoting products, and selling things with their name on them. Pickleball is getting more popular, so players should be able to make even more money in the future. This makes it a good and exciting job for people who want to play pickleball and for people who like watching it.

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