Six Zero Ruby Paddle In-Depth Review 2024

six zero ruby paddle: Introducing the Six Zero Ruby, a revolutionary pickleball paddle that redefines the standards of performance and innovation. Boasting a first-ever 100% Kevlar face, this paddle combines unparalleled strength, durability, and a distinctive feel that sets it apart from traditional carbon fiber or fiberglass counterparts. With a hybrid shape that strikes a balance between reach, speed, and maneuverability, the Ruby offers a unique blend of power, touch, and control.

The thermoformed construction ensures consistency and durability, while the textured surface enhances spin and control. Weighing in at around 8.2 ounces, the Ruby is slightly heavier than some competitors but still falls within the lightweight category.

The maroon red face with white edges and grip not only adds a striking aesthetic but also reflects the paddle’s bold and innovative design. With features like a 16mm thick core for a solid feel, an ergonomic grip for comfort and control, and an enhanced 1-year warranty, the Six Zero Ruby is breaking new ground in the world of pickleball, making it a compelling choice for players of all levels seeking a truly unique playing experience.

six zero ruby paddle Key Features:

  • Lightweight: At 8.3 ounces, the Ruby is a lightweight paddle that should offer good maneuverability and handling.
  • Durable Face: The Kevlar® fiber face is exceptionally strong and impact-resistant, making it perfect for aggressive play.
  • Honeycomb Core: The honeycomb polymer core provides a blend of power and control, while also contributing to the paddle’s lightweight construction.
  • Slightly Flared Shape: This shape helps to increase the sweet spot size for more consistent and powerful shots.
  • Large Surface Area: The wide range in width (7.5″ to 7.7″) offers a larger hitting surface for better volleys and blocks.
  • Comfortable Grip: The grip size range of 4 ¼” to 4 ½” should accommodate most players’ hand sizes.
  • Balanced Swing Weight: The swing weight of 117 indicates a well-balanced paddle that should be easy to swing and control.

six zero ruby paddle additional Information:

  • The twist weight is 6.76, but you mentioned it’s in a table. If you have access to that table, I might be able to tell you more about what that number means for the paddle’s performance.
  • Six Zero also mentions a textured surface on the paddle that provides enhanced spin and grip. This could be another advantage for players who like to hit with a lot of variety.

Overall, the Six Zero Ruby seems like a premium pickleball paddle with a unique combination of features that could appeal to a wide range of players. If you’re looking for a high-performance paddle that is both powerful and controllable, the Ruby is definitely worth considering.

Six Zero Ruby Paddle pros & cons:

Exceptional spin potentialHigher price point
Excellent control and touchDurability concerns with the grit surface
Powerful drives and volleysLack of USAPA approval (as of January 2024)
Unique Kevlar face for enhanced feel and durabilityGrit may not be as long-lasting as advertised
Large sweet spotPotential for “dead spots”
Comfortable grip
Vibrant and eye-catching design

Six Zero Ruby Paddle Performance:


  • Kevlar face: The 100% Aramid fiber face, sourced from DuPont™ Kevlar®, is incredibly strong and stiff, translating to explosive power on your shots. This is especially noticeable on drives and smashes.
  • Large sweet spot: The slightly flared shape of the paddle expands the sweet spot, making it easier to generate power even on off-center hits.


  • Stiff core: The polypropylene honeycomb core provides a solid and stable feel, allowing for precise control over your shots.
  • Textured surface: The newly developed Premium American DuPont™ Kevlar® textured surface offers excellent grip on the ball, giving you more control over spin and placement.


  • Textured surface: As mentioned above, the textured Kevlar surface enhances friction, allowing you to generate more bite on the ball for aggressive topspin, underspin, and sidespin.
  • Control: The paddle’s overall controllability allows you to precisely direct your spin shots for maximum effectiveness.


  • Solid core: The polypropylene core delivers a satisfyingly crisp and responsive feel on every shot.
  • Kevlar face: Kevlar offers a unique feel compared to traditional carbon fiber, with some players finding it more forgiving and enjoyable to play with.


  • Kevlar face: One of Kevlar’s biggest strengths is its exceptional durability. It is highly resistant to impact, abrasion, and heat, making the Ruby paddle incredibly long-lasting.
  • Unibody construction: The paddle’s unibody design eliminates weak points and improves overall structural integrity.


The Six Zero Ruby paddle is a high-performance option for players seeking an aggressive and versatile game. Its combination of power, control, spin, and feel makes it a top choice for experienced players looking to dominate the court. However, its premium price tag might be a deterrent for beginners.

comparison of the Six Zero Ruby with other Six Zero paddles:

RubyBlack with red accentsHighHighHighCrisp, solidExcellent
Double Black Diamond (DBD)Black, black with pink accentsHighHighAbove averageMedium-firmExcellent
SapphireBlack, black with splatter paintMedium-highHighAbove averageCrisp, responsiveGood
ProLite Energy SBlack with light blue accentsMediumHighHighSofter, mutedGood
VertexBlack with lime green accentsVery highMediumAbove averageFirm, responsiveGood
EmeraldTeal with black honeycomb patternMediumHighAbove averageMedium-softGood

Key Points:

  • Ruby: Stands out for its power, spin, and durability. Unique Kevlar face offers a crisp feel and excellent control.
  • DBD: Versatile all-court paddle with a good balance of power, control, and spin. Slightly softer feel than the Ruby.
  • Sapphire: Thinner core for faster play and enhanced touch. Prioritizes control and spin over power.
  • ProLite Energy S: Softer feel for those who prefer comfort and touch. Excels in control and spin.
  • Vertex: Power-focused paddle for aggressive players. Firm feel and excellent power potential.
  • Emerald: Control-oriented paddle with a comfortable feel. Good balance of power and spin.

Questions and Answers about the Six Zero Ruby Paddle:

1. Is the Ruby good for aggressive or finesse players?

The Ruby caters to both, but thrives in the hands of aggressive players seeking power and spin. Its stiff core and Kevlar surface generate explosive shots and impressive spin, ideal for attacking play. However, its textured surface and solid feel allow for decent control and touch volleys, making it adaptable to finesse play as well.

2. How does the Ruby’s Kevlar face differ from traditional paddles?

Kevlar offers distinct advantages:

  • Exceptional Durability: It’s highly resistant to wear and tear, resulting in a longer-lasting paddle compared to composite or graphite faces.
  • Unique Feedback: It provides a crisp, “snappy” feel on ball contact, giving you clear feedback on your strokes and shot execution.
  • Solid Power Transfer: It efficiently transfers energy to the ball, enhancing the paddle’s power potential.

3. How large is the Ruby’s sweet spot?

While not the largest, the Ruby has a well-defined and responsive sweet spot. This means consistent power and control on shots hit within the “sweet” zone. The slightly flared shape further expands the effective hitting area, forgiving minor off-center hits.

4. How does the Ruby compare to other Six Zero paddles with graphic colors?

Compared to paddles like the Double Black Diamond Control (blue and black) or the Diamond (blue and geometric), the Ruby stands out with its bold red face. It emphasizes its focus on power and aggressiveness visually, while the others prioritize control or versatility through their color palettes.

5. Should I choose the Ruby or another paddle?

It depends on your playing style and priorities:

  • Choose Ruby if: you want maximum power, high spin, and a unique, crisp feel. You value durability and enjoy an aggressive playing style.
  • Consider other paddles if: you need the highest level of control (Double Black Diamond) or prioritize versatility (Diamond or Sapphire).


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