The Pickle Games Miami-Participate Pickleball Festival at Miami 2024

Pickleball, the fast-growing paddle sport that blends elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, has already established a significant presence in Miami. But now, a dedicated group of organizers is taking it to the next level with a grandiose festival set against the breathtaking backdrop of Miami’s waterfront. Welcome to the Pickle Games Miami, hailed as the world’s largest pickleball festival, scheduled to take over approximately 100 bayfront courts at the iconic Miami Marine Stadium for its inaugural event in early 2024.

The Pickle Games Miami

A Rising Phenomenon in Miami

Pickleball Capital of the World

Florida, known for its sunny beaches and vibrant culture, has also earned the title of the “pickleball capital of the world.” While Naples initially spearheaded this pickleball revolution, the sport’s fervor has now expanded to Miami, adding to the state’s pickleball legacy.

Rapid Growth

The growth of pickleball in the United States has been nothing short of astonishing. Since 2017, there has been a remarkable sixfold increase in the number of public pickleball courts in the 100 largest cities in the country. The tally has surged from 420 to a whopping 2,788. However, even with this substantial expansion, local officials are struggling to keep up with the soaring demand from pickleball enthusiasts.

Meeting the Demand

Expanding Facilities

In response to growing player complaints about a lack of playing venues compared to neighboring regions like Broward County and Southwest Florida, Miami has taken swift action. The city has rapidly opened new pickleball courts, ensuring enthusiasts have ample opportunities to indulge in their favorite sport. In fact, some vacation rentals in Greater Miami have begun catering specifically to pickleball aficionados, offering on-site courts and equipment.

The Game of Pickleball

An Overview

Pickleball is a unique paddle sport played with a plastic ball. It combines elements from tennis, badminton, and ping-pong to create a game that’s easy to learn but challenging to master. The sport has captured the hearts of many, including notable figures like LeBron James, who has invested in the budding professional league, Major League Pickleball.

The Pickle Games Miami Experience

What to Expect

Scheduled for January 13-14, the Pickle Games Miami promises an unforgettable experience for both amateur and professional players, as well as enthusiastic fans. The festival will feature competitive tournaments, interactive experiences, specialty vendors, live music, and a delectable array of food and beverages.

Tickets and Registration

While ticket prices will be announced later this summer, early bird registration for players is currently available online. Priced at $400 per team, this includes two days of gameplay, commemorative merchandise, access to the festival grounds, and participation in an athlete village.

A Word from the Organizer

Steve Suarez, co-founder of Pickle Games, is excited about the burgeoning popularity of pickleball in Miami. He views the Pickle Games Miami as a bridge between competitive pickleball players and newcomers to the sport. In a press release, he stated, “The Pickle Games Miami is a festival and tournament designed to bridge the gap between competitive pickleball players and first-timers, while also catering to the general public seeking an energetic weekend.”


The Pickle Games Miami is set to make waves in early 2024, bringing together pickleball enthusiasts from all walks of life. With its stunning bayfront location, competitive tournaments, and lively festival atmosphere, it’s an event no sports lover should miss.

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When and where is the Pickle Games Miami taking place?

The Pickle Games Miami is scheduled for January 13-14, and it will be held at the Miami Marine Stadium, featuring approximately 100 bayfront courts.

How can I register for the Pickle Games Miami?

Early bird registration for players is currently available online, priced at $400 per team. This registration includes two days of gameplay, commemorative merchandise, festival grounds access, and participation in an athlete village.

Who is Steve Suarez, and what is his role in the Pickle Games Miami?

Steve Suarez is the co-founder of Pickle Games and plays a pivotal role in organizing the event. He aims to bring together both competitive pickleball players and newcomers while creating an energetic and inclusive atmosphere for all attendees.

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